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Lanyon Live 2016
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78311 - Trends in Brand Engagement

Experience is the foundation that drives brand affinity, loyalty and advocacy. The best brands create positive experiences – both live and online – for their attendees. But today’s audiences have higher expectations for engagement, interaction and personal benefit. They are impacted not by the last event they attended, but the last experience they’ve had. Discover the latest event brand trends from face-to-face marketing leader, Freeman. You’ll learn how grow your brand and differentiate your event from the competition.

Education Breakouts
82254 - The Lifeblood of your Meetings Program

Unlocking the power of your meeting data is critical to achieving your goals – whether you’re looking to control the cost of your meetings and travel programs, better manage your vendor partners, ensure compliance or transparency, or improve your attendee experience. Johnson & Johnson uses Lanyon technology to track meetings activity and regulatory compliance in over 60 countries worldwide. Learn how Johnson & Johnson tracks data integrity & reliability, and uses meeting data to manage a global program.

Education Breakouts
82381 - Just. Plain. Smart.

Event transportation involves a large budget, and even more time planning. Join us to learn how planners utilize Pow Wow Smart, a leader in innovative ground transportation solutions, at their events. In this case study, companies will discuss their partnership with Pow Wow Smart – and how ground transportation technology helped them save time and money.

Education Breakouts
86573 - Talk Nerdy to Me: #EventTech Tales

Technology continues to change the way we plan events – opening up possibilities, creating opportunities, and developing new experiences for our attendees. More than that, technology has the power to transform. From creating unique spaces out of nothing, to developing custom and interactive engagements, to drawing attendees into the event atmosphere in ways attendees don’t expect, technology can literally turn an event into an experience. We'll discuss how, and the cutting-edge tools that make that possible. In addition we’ll discuss tech trends in meeting and event planning that make for a more dynamic experience.

Education Breakouts
88619 - Designing & Delivering Event WOW Moments

Experiential Design is a concept we’re all familiar with – yet how we tackle this can vary by event team. Today’s most successful experience designers recognize that WOW experiences tend to have a shorter shelf life. Before long, WOW moments become mainstream expectations for your event attendees. In this session, we’ll explore ways to scale up the WOW factor across the eight phases of a successful event. From the moment guests learn about the event and register, to live-event pinnacle moments, and beyond. You’ll leave with with a proven model to apply to your own event’s experiential design – and be able to ensure the WOW you deliver matters, lasts, and multiplies.

Education Breakouts
88929 - When You Want to Book the Whole Town: Passkey Integration For City Wide Events

City wide events can be highly complex endeavors. Ensuring hotels get reservations timely, accurately and securely is only one of the many important tasks a housing manager has to worry about in the room block fulfillment process. Attend this session for an update on reservation integration capabilities and a discussion on best practices when working together with hoteliers to leverage Lanyon Passkey.

Education Breakouts
90257 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Meetings & Events

A Lanyon Tech Guru will take you on a deep-dive tour of the event technology that scales to your specific needs – from 1:1 meetings to events of over 100,000 people, and everything in between.

Education Breakouts
90258 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Passkey

Join Eric Carfagna, Lanyon Customer Success Advisor, to learn more about the recently released enhancements to Passkey’s attendee websites and get a sneak peek at the enhancements coming to the attendee websites later this year.

Education Breakouts
90262 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Group

Learn how to master Lanyon Group – part of our Smart Hotel Cloud™ – and win more high-value corporate meetings and events business. Our hotel management technology experts will lead you through an in-depth and practical tour of Lanyon Group, so you’ll be fully equipped to find and respond to more corporate group RFPs, boost your visibility to corporate group meeting and event buyers and grow your business.

Education Breakouts
90263 - May The Source Be With You!

How do you leverage transient RFP sourcing to achieve success in globalizing travel programs, enforcing travel policies, and negotiating best rates for your travelers? In this session, you’ll learn best practices for RFP sourcing: effective negotiation techniques, the nuances between chain and independent properties, best practices to achieve a win-win for the hotel and corporation, and city caps versus open booking.

Education Breakouts
90265 - Utilizing Salesforce Integration to Grow Your Events

A panel of Lanyon customers come together to discuss how they utilize Salesforce integration to better track and identify their most important customers and prospects at events – and then use the data collected to keep tabs on total event revenue, registrations, and cancellations, while segmenting contacts for targeted campaigns. You’ll gain insights into best practices from these event planning pros.

Education Breakouts
90266 - The Attendee Journey™: Getting to know your attendees.

From the first time attendees hear about your event, to onsite, to post-event follow-up – what are they experiencing? Centralized data provides the information you need to build a complete picture of the Attendee Journey™. In this session, you’ll learn how successful companies track and use attendee information to deliver insights and value within the broader context of the total customer life cycle.

Education Breakouts
90269 - Driving RevPAR with Lanyon Passkey

“Going beyond the contract” is a fantastic way to increase RevPAR on group business – but it’s often easier said than done. Lanyon Passkey add-ons offer a powerful way to drive incremental revenue for any group block being managed through Lanyon Passkey. In this session, you’ll learn real examples of how some of the best Passkey users are taking advantage of this functionality and have creatively unlocked an indispensable source of revenue.

Education Breakouts
90270 - Macro and Micro Trends in Group Booking Automation

Lanyon Passkey processes reservations and event data for thousands of events every single day. Ever wonder how your property is doing compared to the rest? In this session, our product experts will guide you through the latest trends in Passkey usage and provide insight on how you can leverage it to your advantage. This ‘must attend’ session will provide the knowledge you need to help set your 2017 group booking goals.

Education Breakouts
90272 - Event Marketing ROI: How To Increase Your Revenue

Events are no longer just about building awareness for your products and brands – to be successful, you’ve got to generate meaningful business results: pipeline, revenue, customer retention. In a world of competing marketing investments, event marketers need to be prepared to project and demonstrate the ROI of their event strategy to their CMO and leadership teams. In this session, you’ll hear from experts in event marketing as they share their strategies for boosting the business returns and measuring the impact of their events.

Education Breakouts
90274 - Planner Panel: What We Really Want From CVBs and Hoteliers

Ever wonder what event planners are truly looking for in the venue selection and planning process? Join us in an panel, where event planners answer questions from CVBs and hoteliers on their selection process.

Education Breakouts
90275 - SMM Profiles in Excellence

This session will feature a global Lanyon client discussing their SMMP - attendees will have ample time to ask questions and get SMM advice directly from an experienced corporate champion and their program support leader. Moderated by Kevin Iwamoto, the Godfather of SMM, this session will be enlightening for all attendees.

Education Breakouts
90276 - Lanyon Tech Tour

Want an exclusive look at what we do behind the scenes? Join us on a hosted tour showcasing our onsite services and technology — and the active role we play in the success of dynamic, large-scale events.

Education Breakouts
90278 - Product Deep Dive: RegOnline® by Lanyon

A Lanyon Tech Guru will take you on a deep-dive tour of our simple and smart event management software. You’ll see all the latest features and get tips & tricks from real planners who use RegOnline everyday. You’ll leave this session fully equipped to use RegOnline to drive attendance and success at your next event.

Education Breakouts
93915 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Travel

A Lanyon Tech Guru will take you on a deep-dive tour to show you how Lanyon Travel can be used to secure the best rates, ensure accurate pricing and availability and gain transparency into your travel spend and savings.

Education Breakouts
93916 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Transient

A Lanyon Tech Guru will take you on a deep-dive tour to show you how Lanyon Transient can help hoteliers streamline their RFP process and negotiate better rates for transient traveler business.

Education Breakouts
93918 - Future of RFPs for Business Travel

What’s next on the direct booking frontier? In this session we’ll discuss the future of RFP’s – including integration with Salesforce and smart routing – as well as using technology to increase productivity and simplify and personalize the traveler experience. You’ll learn how the RFP process can be simplified and more transparent, and well as how to channel RFP’s through a common interface.

Education Breakouts
93919 - Planner Panel: On The Hunt For The Perfect Meeting Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your meeting can make or break your program – but where to start? This panel of experienced meetings planners will give insight into industry best practices – and their own tried-and-true tactics for venue searching. You’ll learn how to capture basic venue information, how to highlight what matters for your organization or program, how to make your RFPs highly competitive, and how to overcome venue challenges.

Education Breakouts
94031 - Technology Innovation & Trends

We’ve put together a panel of tech experts – the people behind the tech you use when planning your meetings and events – to discuss the future of technology in the meeting, event, travel and hospitality industries.

Education Breakouts
94032 - Security Issues and Concerns at Events

How do you ensure the safety of your attendees? This session will address topics of physical security, executive protection, and crisis management procedures – and what to look for and what to plan for. You’ll hear from security and police professionals to learn about keeping your event attendees safe.

Education Breakouts
94033 - What will events look like in 2026?

How will the world economy affect destination travel and meeting attendance in the next ten years? This thought-provoking presentation will give planners and vendors a global view into shifts predicted for the travel and hospitality industries – as well as the role that technological advances will play in changing the day-to-day experiences of hospitality professionals.

Education Breakouts
94034 - Making an Impact: The Art of Social and Environmental Responsibility

Attendees are becoming increasingly concerned by the environmental and social impact of the meetings and events they attend. Meeting and event professionals are racing to make their actual event logistical practices more environmentally friendly. When it comes to the “3 P’s of Event Planning,” you’ve probably heard about the third “P” (profit), but how are you addressing “people” and “planet” at your meetings and events? Learn how meeting professionals across the globe are embracing social and environmental practices in new and unique ways, and discover easy things you and your partners can do to get started on impactful social and environmental programs.

Education Breakouts
94572 - Product Deep Dive: Lanyon Mobile

A Lanyon Tech Guru will take you on a deep-dive tour of our mobile event app technology – you’ll see modules for networking, interactive maps, in-app sponsorship offerings, and more – and learn how to create beautiful and engaging mobile apps for any meeting or event.

Education Breakouts
94573 - Case Study: All In!

A Lanyon customer will share how they utilize the Lanyon Smart Events Cloud® to manage all of their events, grow their business, and save time and money.

Education Breakouts
94574 - Hotel Marketing: What To Do With What You Have

There are best practices for increasing RevPAR and attaining high occupancy goals – how are you putting your marketing dollars to work? Join this session to learn how to combine marketing efforts across multiple channels. You’ll learn how technology can provide value towards achieving your high occupancy goals, how to use marketing tactics to increase RevPAR and how to meet your annual retention goals. Whether you’re an independent, brand, or franchise owner, you won’t want to miss this session!

Education Breakouts
94575 - The Three Pillars of Event Data

In an era where companies are not only challenged, but expected, to do more with less – how can you ensure a sustainable meeting and event program? The answer lies in data. Specifically, data visibility, data efficiency and data integrity. These three pillars can only be achieved by creating a closed loop, end-to-end event management process. You’ll discover: 1.Why billing, reconciliation and payments are essential elements to assess in your journey for clean data 2.What role budget and compliance play in achieving data utopia 3.Which technology solutions exist to support your current strategic meetings management solutions to create a closed loop, end-to-end event management process

Education Breakouts
94576 - Social Engagement for Events

The question isn’t IF your attendees conversing (they are!) – the question is how do you get in on the conversation? You’ll learn how to join in on your attendee’s social engagement activities, safely and with impact. Sam Stanton from RedButton TV – an event branding consultant – will share some of his tried-and-true methods for growing social engagement. You’ll learn: 1. A complete understanding of social media, and how to utilize it at your events 2. Some of the most impactful methods brands & events are using to engage with social media 3. How to create your own roadmap to engage and grow your social media reach at your next event

Education Breakouts
94577 - The New “First Impression” – And What It Means For Your Career

Your digital presence is the new “first impression.” You don’t get a second chance to make that initial impression – so you’ve got to make it count. Sam Stanton from RedButton TV – an event branding consultant – will share WHY you should engage social media – and how to make sure your social media presence makes a great first impression. In this fun sessions, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of social media, as well as how and why you need to manage your digital reputation!

Education Breakouts
94578 - Improved Communications = Better Buying Process

eRFPs provide quick access to numerous options and the ability to easily compare data side by side – and, as an unintended consequence, hotelier inboxes are flooded with eRFPs that they have little chance of winning, and planners are not getting the responses they anticipated. To further exacerbate the situation, record-breaking demand in the meeting space forces buyers to send out even more eRFPs to combat the lack of availability. This session will focus on how buyers and sellers can improve communications in order to develop a better buyer process for meetings and events. The proliferation of technology tools to help support the sourcing process have been both positive and negative. Our conversation will examine how planners can effectively communicate their needs and how suppliers can respond with a compelling response in the Digital Age.

Education Breakouts
94613 - Drive Attendance At Your Next Event

A panel of RegOnline® by Lanyon users comes together to tell you about what they’ve learned about planning events. They’ll share their own tips & tricks for utilizing RegOnline to drive attendance and revenue at their events.

Education Breakouts
95108 - Redefining Success: New KPIs for Events

One of the greatest challenges in Event Marketing – after ensuring a great Attendee Experience – is validating success through results. How do you turn engagement numbers into pipeline? Or revenue? In this session, we’ll discuss the strategy behind partnership with Sales, Marketing Operations and Event Marketers to make a direct connection between your event and the bottom line. If you’re asking yourself “My attendees had an AWESOME experience? So what?” – this session is for you. You’ll learn how to: 1.Strategize with your Marketing Ops team 2.Consolidate CRM & event marketing data 3.Speak the language of sales: what is “sales-ready”? What are their biggest concerns?

Education Breakouts
95454 - General Session with Industry Leaders

We have two exciting sets of speakers this morning. First, top associations come together to discuss trends, headwinds and how we can all work together to advance the industry. Moderated by Anthony Miller, CMO. Then, joining Anthony in a "fireside chat" is our Industry Keynote Brian King, Global Brand Officer of Marriott International.

General Session
95618 - GBTA Research Results: The Planner’s Tech Wish List for Sourcing Venues A ton of time and effort goes into researching, sourcing and selecting the perfect venue for your event. The Global Business and Travel Association set out to research the most-valued technology planners use, and which capabilities of that technology are highest on their wish list. Based on this brand-new GBTA Foundation research, discover current industry trends and best practices in venue sourcing, and unveil the technology features planners need to help them streamlines processes - and take their event to the next level. Education Breakouts
95999 - Demand, Drones & Disruption: Driving Forces in Meetings & Events

As the economic environment and hotel structure continue to change at a rapid pace, it's important to understand the current outlook, economic concerns and forecasts that dictate behavior in the meetings environment. Our meetings world has become incredibly complex, with issues such as room piracy, cyber security, meetings advocacy and Health & Wellness leading the charge. In this dynamic session, industry veteran Michael Dominguez shares the latest trends in the hotel industry and how they will affect your meetings and incentives. You'll gain a better understanding of the economic environment and how structural changes will have an impact on your programs in 2017 and beyond. Dominguez will also identify ways for you to optimize your relationships with hotels, as well as your key stakeholders. We'll also explore the internal and external forces that continue to pressure meeting design, content dissemination and the need to understand we no longer have attendees, but rather participants, in meetings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand pricing demands in today's meeting market
  • Review industry forecast for major North American markets
  • Understand the need for adaptation and rapidly changing technology
  • Understand behavior changes in audiences of the future
  • Review the future of meeting room design and the influences behind the trends
Education Breakouts
96039 - Opening General Session & Keynote Welcome by David Bonnette, CEO of Lanyon. Plus Keynote is by Phil Keoghan. After a near-death experience at age 19, Phil’s life motto became “No Opportunity Wasted.” You might recognize him as the host of the Emmy-Award-winning series The Amazing Race – he’s worked in over 100 countries around the world. At Lanyon Live, you’ll hear him talk about his experiences both on The Amazing Race, and in life. You’ll also gain insight into his views on how world travel brings people together – after all, that’s why we’re all here, right? General Session
96040 - General Session: 2017 Product Roadmap

Join John Pulling, Chief Technology Officer and Sam Fahmy, SVP of Product Strategy, for a look back at the software rollouts of 2016 and what innovations are to come in 2017. You’ll also get a sneak-peek and see the new RegOnline by Lanyon as well as the new sourcing tool live and on the big screen.

General Session
96041 - Wednesday Lunch with Industry Keynote Join all attendees for a delicious lunch, and program by Noelle LeVeaux, CMO of Dallas Convention Visitors Bureau. - Title: Are we really MAKING lemonade? - Abstract: Sometimes our natural state or situation has everything we need to be successful. Tapping into these situations and others perceptions of us, whether positive or negative can help us accomplish our goals and draw people in. You can make lemonade just by squeezing a lemon. How do you squeeze out your most authentic self and get the results you want? Come find out. Let’s make lemonade! General Session
96042 - Lanyon Live After Hours Dance the night away amidst polished concrete & chrome. Enjoy a cocktail and delectable hors d’oeuvres in the CrashedToys ClubHouse, where Harleys and Italian sports cars add high-octane sophistication to Lanyon Live’s unique, #BetterTogether evening event. Feeling something a little more laid back? Head outside to kick up your heels in the outdoor beer garden, The BoneYard. We’re bringing in a live band, so grab yourself a plate of grub from one of our featured local food trucks, or challenge your newest Lanyon Live pal to a game of cornhole or giant jenga. Transportation is provided, departing from the front of hotel. General Session
96045 - The Luminaries & Closing General Session

The Luminaries will be presented live, plus closing remarks by David Bonnette, CEO of Lanyon.

General Session
96063 - Welcome Reception

We’ve partnered with Renaissance Dallas Hotel to bring you the first event of Lanyon Live – to celebrate that we’re all truly #BetterTogether.

At your very first experience of Lanyon Live, you’ll discover something wonderfully new – this event will satisfy your appetite for the curious, unique and local experiences. Not only will there be home-grown live music and locally inspired food and beverage, but you’ll also experience a dash of the unexpected.   

General Session
96065 - Thursday Lunch

Join all attendees for a delicious lunch and networking

General Session
96743 - Optimizing Group Business: Implementing Group Revenue Management and Digital Marketing Systems

Group business forms a critical part of the sales mix for any hotel. With the record increases in occupancy of the last few years and the rise of the eRFP and its attendant workload, group business has never been more important, nor more of a challenge for hotels. Yet the art and science of revenue management (RM) remains heavily focused on transient decision-making, with conferences, thought leadership and academic work largely neglecting group RM in favor of transient. This imbalance is now being addressed through combined group revenue management solutions. In addition, digital marketing, when used in combination with group RM, is enabling hotels to target the right audience with the right price. This interactive session will offer suggestions for hoteliers to get ahead of the curve.

Education Breakouts
98358 - The Ultimate Guide to Event Internet Success Planners understand the importance of event history and projected needs like food and beverage consumption and attendance numbers - but many don't know how much internet bandwidth they use, how it's being used, whether they are receiving what they contracted for, and/or what level of service is required. Given the pace of technological change and consumer usage patterns, today's planners and suppliers must possess sufficient knowledge about bandwidth and Wi-Fi to ask the right questions and achieve the desired outcomes. Only by improving the discussion around event internet, particularly during the venue sourcing and detailing phases, can we lower risk, improve satisfaction and deliver great Wi-Fi enabled events proving that we are truly "Better Together". Learning Objectives In this session, you will learn to -Develop strategies regarding connectivity purchases to meet content delivery and attendee expectations -Improve the negotiation process for connectivity purchase -Heighten attendee satisfaction and meet the growing demands for provision of adequate bandwidth Education Breakouts
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